November 26, 2016

Assembly Halls


Having worked with major Designers and Planners in the area of wedding events and meetings and having as corporate philosophy to be one step ahead in innovation and market needs, our company for more than 10 years of research has developed a series of tent products different from the mainstream.

They are products that are designed by us and are provided with full static certification.

Production and installation is done by highly trained staff in order to have an excellent and safe final product.

The tents have been tested in extreme weather conditions such as wind load rain (Winter Olympic Games Sochi 2014), with excellent results.

Assembly Halls produced in two types.


A pitched tent with opening width 4m 5m 10m 15m 20m and length developed by 4m or 5m to 100m.

Sidewalls height is available in 2,5m or 3,75m- 4,00m and ridge height is 5,10m or 6,6m.

The roof cover is made from PVC Ferrari’s house with intermediate layer block out 650gr or from transparent film.

Sidewall cover components are:

  • Securit glass
  • Transparent film PVC
  • Metal polyurethane panels 5cm
  • Combination of the above materials


It is a composite structure by a gable and two pitched roofs total width of 20m and a length grows every 4m to 48m.

Sidewall height is 2,5m and 5,10m.

Ridge height is 7,10m.

Roof cover is made from:

  • Securit glass
  • Transparent film

Columns and trusses in both types are made of aluminum. Bases of the columns and anchors are made or steel C350. All structures are supported by entrance doors 2,00m or 4,00m and fire doors which are made of aluminum and glass or aluminum panels and aluminum.