February 8, 2017

Scaffolding for interior use


The scaffolding system for interior use is constructed according the national ELOT Standards 1196 and 1165, EN 39, and the European Standards HD 1000/88 and HD 1004/92. This type of scaffolding consists of

  • frames
  • cross braces
  • base jacks
  • head jacks
  • connection tubes

There are two types of scaffolding for indoor use according the diameter of the frames’ stand, T1 D3 and T1 D4.

  • The basic products of an economical scaffolding system that are designed for multiple uses in casing: Steel frames produced in three or five heights according their type.
  • The frame tower is easy and fast to assembly with no extra tools, has few relevant components creating flexibility.
  • The tower has high bearing capacity until 200KN, 50KN per stand.
  • It is very easy to achieve the preferable height and the opening of our tower cause to the variety of the dimensions of the cross braces and frames.

The tower is perfect for casing in:

  • Building constructions of any kind and height and in constructions that the inside of the building must be extracted.
  • In bridges that the loads are heavy and big horizontal forces, as the wind.
  • In industrial buildings and buildings of power system companies that the big width of concrete is necessary.

The tower consists of:

  • Frames manufactured by steel tube C235, diameter Ø48.3mm and 3.2mm thickness for T1 D3 type and Ø48.8mm with 4.00mm for T1 D4 type. The dimensions of the frames are 1.20m, 1.80m, 2.00m, 2.20m, 2.40m with 1.20m width. They have clips in four points for the connection of the cross braces as well as holes in at the bottom of the stand for connection tubes placing.
  • Cross braces constructed by steel tube C235, Ø28 diameter and 2.2mm thickness with 1.20m, 1.80m, 1.75m & 2.10m length that give us the preferable tower opening.
  • Horizontal braces constructed by steel tube, Ø28 diameter and 2.2mm thickness with 1.50m, 1.20m & 1.00m length.
  • Connection tubes constructed by steel tube C235, Ø38 diameter and 3.2mm thickness with 20cm height. They are placed in the frame securing the frame tower construction.
  • Base jacks constructed by steel tube C235, Ø40 diameter and 4.4mm thickness with body and base constructed from shaped steel plate quality C325 and dimensions 15x15cm and 5mm thickness with 0.70cm and 1.00m length.
  • Head jack constructed by steel tube C235, Ø40 diameter and 4.4mm thickness body. The head can be produced in two types: the type 5-11-5 which is constructed from steel plate 80×5 quality C325, 10cm width and 5mm thickness, with dimensions 5x11x5cm. The type 5-17-5, which is constructed from steel plate 80×5 quality C325, 10cm width and 10mm thickness, with dimensions 5x171x5cm. The length of both types is 0.70m and 1.00m. The load bearing capacity of the head and the base jack according the nut opening from ±0 can be explained in the chart