November 26, 2016



Thanks to the 28 years’ experience, our company can manufacture and provide two types of shuttles that can be placed in any site reassuring your project success.

Our team design, manufacture, test and place all of our products. We give our customer a complete, safe, high quality project.

Types of shuttles:

  • Type 1000: includes fixed plastic seats and deck 90cm width made by galvanized metal decks.
  • Type 2000: includes plastic tip – up seat and deck 80cm made by non-slipping (wire) plywood deck that offers a comfortable seating due to the advanced shape of the seat.

Both types:

  • Are appropriate for rectangle, polygonal and circular constructions ( theaters)
  • Have stairs of 1.20m – 2.50m width according to the seat capacity of the shuttle.
  • Possibility of
    • placing shuttles of any kind in any kind of terrain with seating capacity from 25 to 30.000 seats.
    • forming the project site for audiovisual equipment placing (cameras, sound)
    • forming V.I.P section.
  • High quality appearance.
  • Sun or rain protection.

All our products are certified and with the completion of every project our company gives the client a study according to safety factor 3.