November 26, 2016


Mobile Tower

  The main characteristics of aluminum are: low weight high tolerance to corrosion functionality low toxicity. Great advantage is its usage for constructions under special circumstances. Our mobile aluminium tower is produced in Greece according to relevant regulation and safety rules. Technical characteristics Frames dimensioned 1.44m х 2.00m 1.44m х 1.00m 0.85m x 2.00m 0.85m x Read more about Mobile Tower[...]

Scaffolding For Exterior Use

  Our company’s framed scaffolding systems constructed by steel or aluminum, are established with few components easy and fast to place and dismantle. They are the only and better solution of scaffolding systems for exterior use. Both types of systems include the same components with the difference of deck width. In the  0.75m system the deck’s Read more about Scaffolding For Exterior Use[...]


  The standard staircases we supply, are manufactured either from steel or aluminium, and height they are developed for 2,00m. They are assembled in independent frame. The main dimensions are: 2,05m x 2,05m 1,33m x 3,16m They are provided either with double direction ( climbing – landing ) or with single direction walkway. At this Read more about Staircases[...]

Scaffolding for interior use

  The scaffolding system for interior use is constructed according the national ELOT Standards 1196 and 1165, EN 39, and the European Standards HD 1000/88 and HD 1004/92. This type of scaffolding consists of frames cross braces base jacks head jacks connection tubes There are two types of scaffolding for indoor use according the diameter Read more about Scaffolding for interior use[...]


  The framed formwork ALPHA Alu is a complete shuttering system of great efficiency. With reliable and safe components, it can fulfill the needs of every project, no matter how difficult. The panels ALPHA Alu are constructed from special aluminium profile. Due to their section, they can stand high hydro-static pressure until the height of 2,70m (60 KN/m2). In every building Read more about Formwork[...]